“It’s horrible to have so many kids”. A decision by the Van der Auwera divides…

Ambre Dol confided this weekend about her bad camping experience. The mother of five revealed the behind the scenes of her vacation ruined by the place where she stayed with her family. She first detailed: “The foam party was very nice, the bar servers and the reception are too, but for the rest, it’s not great. The swimming pool is too small compared to the number of people. The slide for the children closes at 11 p.m. and instead the children play basketball or football between the aisles until 1 a.m. ” Then, to add about a plancha that she wanted to rent for the evening: “It’s for two days minimum. I reply that it does not matter and that I will pay for the two days. I am told that it is not possible anyway. I tell him, but I pay you for two days. ‘No, administratively speaking it is not possible’. Until the end, it’s a shitty campsite. A shame this campsite”.

“They deprive their children for animals”

For the Van der Auweras, according to the photos posted by Cindy on Instagram, the holiday experience is much more joyful. The mother revealed in Large families, life in XXL, do not hesitate to share the beautiful moments spent with his tribe even if on Twitter some Internet users are wondering about the Van der Auwera’s decision… Indeed, a Twittos wrote first: “Well, the Van der Auwera family leaves on vacation but leaves 2 kids because you have to take care of the animals”. Surprised by this reaction, another Internet user explained that “it is not new that they leave some of the children when they go on vacation”. And to continue: “Asking a neighbor or paying someone is not possible?”

The conversation between these two Twittos was going well since the first added: “It’s horrible, having so many kids and having so many animals so that they don’t enjoy the holidays”. The answer was not long in coming and the other user of the network at the blue bird was cheerfully going about her analysis. “Especially since the two older ones in particular aren’t very happy, hyper withdrawn… she should have sent them to school to see people… they make me sad,” she insisted. The initiator of this debate concluded by describing this situation as “sad” and therefore observing that the Van der Auwera “deprive their children for animals”. And the other to add: “They have funny priorities… finally good”.

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