Its counterpart in Saudi Arabia .. a “mysterious” gate on Mars and a great secret

And in 2012, 10 years ago, the Curiosity rover captured a bewildering image on the surface of Mars, which was published by (NASA) last week, which showed what looked like the entrance to a cave or the gate of a cave, in a rocky hill on Mars.

Experts likened the gate to the entrances to the tombs of the pharaohs in Egypt, and the image sparked controversy, as it may mean the presence of life on the surface of the red planet.

A quick glance at the image is enough to make an immediate belief that it is a doorway that leads to a cache on Mars, or “maybe a door to another world altogether, to inspire a science fiction movie or even two,” according to the “Science Alert” website.

An activist wrote on social media: “The mysterious image of a door carved into a rocky mountain, as if it leads to a building inside the mountain, is very similar to the doors in the ruins of Madain Saleh in Saudi Arabia and Petra in Jordan.”

Mada’in Saleh was known in the past as the city of Al-Hijr. It is an archaeological site located in the Hijaz region in the Arabian Peninsula, northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in the Al-Ula Governorate of the Medina region. The gates at the archaeological site are very similar to the apparent gate on the surface of Mars.

Other experts fought against the “speculations” and asserted that the gate appeared in the revolution, a rock formation that happened by chance, and it appeared in the form of a gate.

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Science Alert stated that the door or entrance-like rock formation “may appear full-size only in our imagination, because its visible height is no more than a few centimeters or inches, although it is difficult to ascertain from the image taken.”



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