“It’s an injustice”: Lalo Mora on the closure of the dam on his ranch

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Monterrey.- The Monterrey singer Lalo Mora assured that the breaking of its dams was an injusticesince it not only harmed him, but also the inhabitants near his property.

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During a press conference, The northern interpreter indicated that the dams he had on his ranch “El Indomable”, located in China, Nuevo León also used them to send water to the community members of the area.

“They threw the water at me, they hurt me, it’s an injustice, I give water to all the community members, there are about 70 gentlemen and they threw the water at me uselessly, because it goes to the Gómez River,” said Lalo Mora.

He pointed out that the El Cuchillo Dam is before the dams he had on his ranchfor which the water that comes out of them will not be channeled to said reservoir.

“The El Cuchillo Dam is about 15 kilometers before my dam, now I have nowhere to ‘steal’ the water from,” explained the singer.

On July 16, the State Government announced that Conagua personnel released two dams from the “El Indomable” ranch, belonging to Lalo Mora.

The two water reservoirs were supplied by the El Zopilote stream, however, they did not have the necessary concessions to be able to retain the water.

in these jobs Backhoes were used to create an escape of the liquid and thus continue its natural course.

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This discovery was made after Samuel García, governor of Nuevo León, carried out aerial tours in search of more dams that illegally take water from the different rivers of the State.



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