“It's a coming and going”: More than every tenth user has already canceled the Deutschlandticket

“It's a coming and going”: More than every tenth user has already canceled the Deutschlandticket

More than one in ten buyers has already canceled the Deutschlandticket, which is only offered as a subscription, for nationwide journeys in local and regional transport. This is the result of nationwide market research, as reported by the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) at the request of the German Press Agency.

The monthly cancellation option for the Deutschlandticket subscription is currently being used to varying degrees depending on the customer group. According to the analysis, the so-called subscription changers, who already had another subscription for local public transport before the Deutschland-Ticket, accounted for seven percent.

For new subscribers who have previously bought individual tickets, the figure is 17 percent. The figure is 19 percent for new customers who, for example as drivers, have hardly used public transport before.

“It’s a coming and going,” said a spokesman for the association. All customer groups make use of the flexible option of monthly termination. For commuters, for example, vacation probably plays a role if someone cancels the subscription and takes out a new subscription after a few weeks.

For other passengers, the holiday in Germany is a reason to use the Germany ticket for nationwide trips in local and regional transport during this time.

For the transport company, the change in customers is associated with considerable additional costs because more people would come to the customer center or use telephone advice. “Every termination means effort,” emphasized the spokesman.

According to the analysis results published by the association at the beginning of September, there were recently more than eleven million subscriptions sold for Deutschlandticket. Around ten million passengers nationwide used the ticket in July and August. (dpa)

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