Itching, dandruff and dry skin? The solution in our diet

Itchy, continually dry skin is a problem for all ages. It is mainly localized on the arms and legs, but it can also cause dandruff in the scalp. Attention since all these disorders also associated with dental problems could be linked to a deficiency in our body.

They can be traced back to dehydration caused by a deficiency in our diet. A fundamental component for the growth of teeth and the maintenance of their enamel.

Itchy and dry skin (web source)

Dry skin, the causes in our habits

The causes of this dryness could also be traced back to the habit of washing too frequently and with an inadequate water temperature. Excessive heat and the use of soaps and detergents that are too aggressive could cause the skin to flake more easily and to present, among other things, the unsightly dandruff in the hair.

The use of anti-dandruff shampoo manages to buffer the disturbance for a limited amount of time, but absolutely does not solve the problem. The solution lies in changing the power supply. In fact, all these signs are to be traced back to almost exclusively due to the lack of an essential component of the diet of all of us.

We are talking about the vitamin A; very often, in fact, our body undergoes a strong vitamin deficiency and therefore requires its intake which takes place exclusively through proper nutrition.

The Vitamin A is essential for reducing or preventing vision problems, for preserving bone development and maintenance, and for maintaining an efficient immune response. This component is essential for maintaining the health of our skin, hair and teeth.

From carotenoids to vitamin A, the transformation process in our body

Vitamin A includes retinol and retinoids and it is important to take it to prevent the development of some cancers and the onset of cardiovascular diseases. Present in many foods, especially of animal origin. This vitamin is formed from carotenoids which are instead present in many plants. The two sources of vitamin A are not equivalent, as our body absorbs the one derived from animal sources better.

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Foods that contain Vitamin A (web source) 04.16.2022
Foods that contain Vitamin A (web source)

The precursor, known as carotenoid, is converted into Vitamin A within the intestine. It is subsequently deposited in the liver which will, according to the needs of the organism, store it or release it little by little to a protein that transports it into the blood.

It is good to remember that during the cooking of some foods this vitamin degrades, as it is sensitive to heat. Here because it would be better to consume raw foods especially red and orange, particularly rich in carotenoids.

Green light, then to oranges, pumpkins, carrots, melon, watermelon and tomatoes.



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