Italy identifies neo-nazi network that planned to attack NATO

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Italy has identified a neo-Nazi network with links to Portugal and is investigating 12 of its members who were making anti-Semitic propaganda on the Internet and planning an attack on NATO facilities with handmade explosives. “Miss Hitler” is among those arrested.

The operation, carried out by the special command of the Carabineros (Italian militarized police), resulted in the identification of 12 neo-Nazi militants between 26 and 62 years old.

Among the detainees is Francesca Rizzi, elected “Miss Hitler” in a Russian contest where she participated as “Miss Eva Braun”, who has a large swastika tattooed on her back with an eagle and who was recently accused of insulting Senator Liliana Segre, a survivor of Auschwitz.

Francesca Rizzi was in Portugal in 2019, to participate in a nationalist conference organized by the New Social Order, the far-right movement founded by Mario Machado and that it was, however, suspended.

At that time, Rizzi stood out for his intervention of antisemitic rhetoric at the conference, as reported in the Saturday magazine.

Rizzi and the 11 other detainees are expected to report daily to the authorities as a coercive measure while the investigation into their activities continues.

Authorities searched the suspects’ homes and found evidence that would be preparing an attack on NATO installations using handcrafted explosives.

According to the Carabineros, these explosive devices were made “with instructions taken from the Internet, in collaboration with some militants from similar foreign groups, active in Portugal.

There were also cases of instigation of aggression by Jews and immigrants.

The investigation also led to the blocking of several groups on Facebook and on the Russian social network VKontakte and another one on the WhatsApp application, in which messages, videos and racist, anti-Semitic and denial images, according to a police statement.

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On social networks, these groups were called “Ordem Ario Romano” and Judenfreie Liga (Free Jewish League) and it was through them that the militants organized their actions.

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