Italy adopts the vaccine pass



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While France wishes to adopt the vaccine pass, Italy is already practicing this measure without causing as many negative reactions as in France.

It is now the key to entering transport. The vaccination pass is de rigueur on the other side of the Alps. In the Italian capital, Rome, the police are watching. The authorities have decided to deploy more police to enforce this new measure. From now on, a negative test is no longer sufficient to access certain places.

To access bars, restaurants, sports halls, hotels, fairs or conferences, you will need this vaccination pass. To obtain it, two options are possible: have a complete vaccination schedule or present a recent certificate of recovery. The Italians seem to rather agree with this measure and accept it. A rule that reassures the population. Italy will continue to strengthen measures to fight against the Omicron variant, with the obligation to vaccinate people over 50 years old, on February 15.


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