Italy: 4 Swiss players play football on the hard shoulder – one is hit


Italy4 Swiss players play football on the hard shoulder – one gets hit

A fire caused a traffic jam on a motorway in northern Italy. Four Swiss people got out of the car to play football on the hard shoulder.

On Friday, a refrigerated truck loaded with medicine caught fire on the A1 on the border between the Italian provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Because of the accident, a long traffic jam formed. Instead of waiting in the car to continue, four young Swiss decided to get out of their vehicle and play football on the hard shoulder, as the newspaper “Resto del Carlino» (Paid Items) reported.

At the same time, an apparently impatient driver wanted to avoid the traffic jam on the hard shoulder. The driver, also a Swiss, then drove into one of his ball-playing compatriots. The victim was thrown forward into another car on impact. The man suffered minor injuries and had to be taken to a hospital.

The four young Swiss now have to pay a fine for leaving the car without permission and not wearing a warning vest. The driver involved in the accident will be fined 400 euros. His driver’s license was taken away from him. He also faces a charge of assault.

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