Italian wheat and barley prices on the rise: here’s why

Wheat, the 2021 harvest

Excellent quality, lower quantity, rising prices. the law of the market, which did not spare the wheat produced in Italy. in summary, the photograph of the 2021 wheat campaign taken by CAI – Agricultural Consortiums of Italy. The prices of soft wheat (+ 15% compared to 2020), barley (+ 25%) and durum wheat (+ 3%) are flying in a year characterized by lower production than last year (-10%) and extraordinary quality. reads in the note of the first organized reality of Italian production with almost 3.5 million quintals of cereals managed and stored, 11 thousand members and a network of 125 storage centers. The balance of the season, which confirms the forecasts of the start about a month ago, comes as threshing begins to come to an end with some areas, such as Puglia and almost all of Emilia Romagna, which have already closed the harvest.

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