Italian travels to Africa to meet ‘girlfriend’ and ends up kidnapped

Claudio Formenton is 67 years old and is an Italian businessman. Through social networks he met Olivia Martens, the one he believed to be his future girlfriend. Olivia had only one problem, she lived in Ivory Coast. After months of talking and insisting on the part of the alleged woman that he travel to find her, Claudio nodded.

It was a journey of about 7000 kilometers that, instead of ending with a beautiful love story, turned into a horror film in which the businessman was kidnapped for three days.

On November 27, 2021, he took a week’s vacation and told his family that he was going on a community mission, something he would have done before, reports Corriere del Veneto.

When he arrived at the airport, he was waiting for an alleged taxi driver with a plate in his name, who kidnapped him. The family of this man – who did not know the real reasons for the trip – ended up contacting the Italian police when they stopped hearing from Claudio.

The authorities began the investigation and after two days in cooperation with the Ivorian special forces, they located Claudio by tracking his cell phone. They found him in a hotel where he was being held hostage. It had been moved locations several times in the last three days

Authorities believe that Claudio was tricked by a fake profile on social media and that other wealthy Italians fell for the scam.

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