09 June 2021

The protagonists of the Italian Junior Championships, from Friday to Sunday, LIVE STREAMING on atletica.tv. In the race Benati in the 400, Melluzzo in the 100, Mori in the hammer

Grosseto, Tallinn, Nairobi. A path that starts from Tricolors under 20 of the Zecchini stadium, passes through the European Championships in Estonia (15-18 July) and is completed with the U20 World Cup in Kenya (17-22 August). It will be a busy summer for athletes born in 2002 and 2003. Grosseto, from Friday to Sunday, is the first stage of this path and is the right opportunity to hit the qualification standards, if not yet achieved. Forty-two titles up for grabs in the under 20 category: athletes already protagonists on the upper floors are also competing, from the fifteenth-century player Lorenzo Benati (Fiamme Azzurre) who has already made his debut in the absolute national team, to the 10.25 sprinter Matteo Melluzzo (Yellow Flames). The three days of challenges also welcome the obstacle player Lorenzo Simonelli (Army), the high jumper Idea Pieroni (Carabinieri) and the category record holder Rachele Mori (Atl. Livorno).



SPRINT AND OBSTACLES – Melluzzo, Guglielmi, Benati, Simonelli. Men’s sprinting and hurdles bring together some of the top talents of this generation. In the 100 meters, the Syracusan Matteo Melluzzo (Fiamme Gialle) has just lived the experience with the 4×100 relay in the senior national team at the European team championships, albeit as a reserve. The 10.25 signed in Savona is the second best time ever for an Italian under 20 sprinter (10.15 Tortu, the Italian record) and on paper he is the number one favorite for the title, followed at a distance by Filippo Cappelletti (Osa Saronno Libertas) and Mattia I’m sick (Sisport). Federico has become efficient again in recent months Guglielmi (Atl. Biotekna), the gold of the Eyof two years ago in Baku: in the 200 meters he raced in 21.25 (PB of 21.11 in Baku 2019) and can aim for the tricolor, again with Cappelletti as a rival less distant seasonal credits in hand. The star of the 400 is Lorenzo instead Benati (Fiamme Azzurre) which in Grosseto in the last edition set the staff at 46.30: in the meantime the Roman made his debut in the absolute blue jersey in Torun and then with the relay races in Chorzow. After his 46.80 season, the best time is that of the 800 specialist Francesco Partridges (FreeZone, 47.61). Amanda is registered in the women’s 100 and 200 Obijiaku (Atl. Virtus Lucca), in both cases with the best chronometric results (11.62 and 23.79). Who has come closest is Antonella from Puglia Todisco (Alteratletica Locorotondo) with 11.65 in the fastest race and Elisa Visentin (Atl. Biotekna) in the 200 with 23.99. At the top of the starting lists in the 400 is the indoor flag Alexandra Friends (Atl. Brescia 1950 Metallurgica San Marco) with a good margin on Zoe Tessarolo (Atl. Vicentina). In the obstacles, another of the most anticipated of the entire event: Lorenzo Simonelli (Army) in 110hs he has just caught the staff of 13.65 (one meter barriers), time trial that raises him to the obligatory favorite even if Paolo Gosio (Atl. Bergamo 1959 Oriocenter), one year younger, wants to continue chasing him. Among women, in the 100hs, the ballot is again between Veronica Besana (Atl.

Lecco Colombo Costruzioni) and Giorgia Marcomin (Osa Saronno Libertas), with Besana intent on overturning the verdict of the indoor. In the 400 hurdles, for now the season has proved Angelica right Ghergo (Team Atletica Marche) and Andrea Lardini (Atl. Riccardi Milan 1946).

MIDDLE BOTTOM AND RUN – In general, balance reigns in the middle distance sector, with many athletes who can aspire to the title in each of the specialties and many possible surprises. Francis Partridges (FreeZone) ran the strongest of all in the 800s (1: 49.52) and is a candidate to continue the tricolor trail. At the same level in the 1500 Moads Razgani (Atl. Bergamo 1959 Oriocenter) and Thomas Serafini (Athletic Club Firex Belluno), with Razgani who can also attempt the double in the 3000 meters, introduced last year in the event program. Prediction very open also in the 5000 that could launch the Moroccan equivalent Ahmed Semmah (Atl. Cosenza) and Marco Mosquitoes (Us Sangiorgese), as well as Massimiliano Berti (Sa Valchiese), also inscribed in the 3000 hedges with Caesar Caiani (Atl. Brugnera Friulintagli) and Raffaele Augimeri (Aden Exprivia Molfetta). For women, Katja Pattis (Suedtirol Team Club) e Greta Settino (Toscana Atl. Empoli Nissan) boast the greatest chances respectively in the 3000 hedges and in the 5000, with a good seasonal margin on Agnese Carcano (Atl. Verona Pindemonte) and Emma Casati (Atl. Piacenza). In the 800s we can hypothesize a two-way fight between Federica Pansini (Student Rieti Milardi) and Sofia Bella (Atl. Roma Acquacetosa), in the 1500s they are all on the same line Silvia Gradizzi (Cus Pro Patria Milan), Sofia Terenziani (Atl. Verona Pindemonte) and Luna Youngsters (Atl. Valle di Cembra), while in the 3000 at least Emma can play it Casati, Arianna Reniero (Atl. Stronese-Nuova Nord Affari) and Luna Youngsters. Marcia: Emiliano Brigand (Trieste Atletica) so far he has had something more, but Gabriele does not start off beaten Gamba (Atl. Riccardi Milan 1946), Pietro Pio Notary public (Atl. Don Milani) and Nicola Lomuscio (Amateurs Atl. Acquaviva). Among the women Alessia Titone (Safatletica Piemonte), after having already won the Italian flag in Ostia in January and at the indoor Ancona, look for the trio in a parterre that also includes Martina Weather in Casiraghi (Atl. Bergamo 1959 Oriocenter) and Vittoria Data (N. Atl. Varese).

JUMPS – The confrontation between Rebecca Mihalescul (Atl. Brescia 1950 Metallurgica San Marco) and Idea Pieroni (Carabinieri) promises to be among the most significant from the front of the jumps: in the high, Mihalescul reached 1.84 indoors, Pieroni revisited at 1.83 last Saturday in Siena but he is a talent of 1.90 in 2020. He has just celebrated an Italian title, the one in his first love of multiple, Greta Brugnolo (Atl. Riviera del Brenta): the heptathlete who grew to 5421 points in the last Italian weekend in Fabriano, is registered in Grosseto on triple and long. In the hop-step-jump he shows up with the first accreditation (13.39) in front of Francesca Orsatti (Cus Parma, 13.09), in the long run the leader is Arianna Battistella (Atl. Vicentina), able to reach 6.37 in the season (the Venetian Brugnolo 6.27 last Sunday), and Chiara should not be excluded from the fight for the top. Smeraldo (Maurina Olio Carli) already 6.25.

In the auction, Arianna landed at four meters Peroni (Quercia Trentingrana), a new name for the specialty, rapidly growing, ready to compete with Ludovica Polini (Sport Atl. Fermo) and Giulia Weather in Cassanelli (The Brotherhood 1874 Modena). In the men’s jumps, Massimiliano’s progress should be noted Luiu (Libertas Sassari) on the top: his 2.16 places him at the top of the 2021 Italian lists. In the auction, eyes on Matteo Oliveri (Atl. Virtus Lucca) rose to 5.15 and on Giulio Basilotta (Fiamme Gialle Simoni, 4.95), Davide recurs in the long run Favro (Atl. Canavesana), to the staff of 7.43 after three years (in 2018 he was also European U18 silver), called to a probable duel with the other Piedmontese Federico Weather in Scarselli (Pol. Novatletica Chieri); in the triple we try the seasonal leader Alex Blacksmiths (Pontevecchio Bologna) and the indoor tricolor Nicola is looking for a brace Pozza (Atl. Vicentina).

LAUNCHES – She has already climbed the absolute podium when she was still in her pupil age: among the main themes of the review is Rachel’s hammer Mori (Atl. Livorno), the pitcher who is rewriting all the youth records of the specialty: 65.03 last season, this year she is ahead of all with 62.41, exactly four meters more than the reigning tricolor Emily Conte (Atl. Riviera del Brenta, 58,41). In the javelin, Giovanni Frattini (La Fratellanza 1874 Modena) can shake Maullu’s Italian U20 record (73.06), already put at risk by the 72.47 of the pitcher from Romagna, and Michele also plans to return beyond seventy meters Fine (Atl. Brugnera Friulintagli) who collected them last season. Stimulating the head-to-head between Gregorio Giorgis (Lib. Città di Castello, 72.02) and Davide Costa (Cus Genova, 71,47) in the male hammer, and that of the weight between Emmanuel Musumary (Atl. Estrada) and Patrick Olcelli (Atl. Lecco Colombo Construction). Two 2003 athletes (first year) featured on the disc: Matteo Crooked (Lib. Mantova) and Matteo Very (Team Treviso). In women, double commitment for Benedetta Benedetti (Student Milardi Rieti) who meets Anita Bartolini (Cus Parma) and Sara Dump (Battaglio Cus Torino) in weight, Emily Conte (Atl. Riviera del Brenta) and Claudia Giuliani (Acsi Italia) on the record. Javelin with Elisa Weather in Braccini (Atl. Firenze Marathon) and Ludovica Giannursini (Student Rieti Milardi) at the top of the rankings.

MASS FOR CALIANDRO – An event within the event will be the mass officiated by the bishop of Grosseto, monsignor Rodolfo Cetoloni, organized by Fiamme Gialle in memory of the tenth anniversary of the death of Cosimo Caliandro, winner of the gold medal in the 1500 meters at the 2001 European Junior Championships in Grosseto. , which will be held on Friday 11 June at 2.00 pm at the Bruno Zauli school camp.

LIVE STREAMING – The three days of the Italian Junior and Promised Championships in Grosseto will be broadcast in live streaming on www.atletica.tv.


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Rachele Mori (photo Colombo / FIDAL)

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