Ita Airways, here are the new uniforms, interior furnishings and plates-

Ita Airwaysthe Italian airline that took over from Alitalia last autumn, redesigned the look and the men. From 1 June the new uniforms arrive of pilots and flight attendants curated by the stylist Brunello Cucinelliil new service on board thought by chef Enrico Bartolinie i new furnishings on the recommendation of Walter de Silva, car designer like Alfa Romeo, several models of Seat, Audi, Lamborghini and Volkswagen.

Business class seats on the Airbus A350
Business class seats on the Airbus A350

The uniforms

The new uniforms designed by Brunello Cucinelli they are dark blue, have a small tricolor on the jacket and the Ita logo on the vest. probable that they will be distributed in the next weeks, if not months, since a change of this type takes time (until now Ita used Alitalia uniforms). As for high altitude cuisine, for now we start with the dishes of chef Bartolinibut more cooks will join in the future.

The Economy class seats on Ita's A350The Economy class seats on Ita's A350
The Economy class seats on Ita’s A350

The furnishings

The colors of the uniforms are consistent with those of the interior furnishings of the photos taken inside theAirbus A350, the first new generation aircraft in the Ita Airways fleet. In fact, the blue and sand colors as predominant. In the Headrest of the Business seats there is the Ita brand and a small tricolor. The same in the Economy class rows but comfort (i.e. with a few centimeters more legroom than the classic Economy), while in the rest – the Economy – the headrests are dark blue.

A detail of the Business armchair on the A350A detail of the Business armchair on the A350
A detail of the Business armchair on the A350

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