It wasn’t because of Maite Perroni! They filter the reason why Claudia Martín and Andrés Tovar separated

The separation between the producer Andres Tovar and the actress Claudia Martin I would already have a few months and it would not be the responsibility of Maite Perroni, according to the driver Martha Figueroa.

The communicator explained what was the reason that triggered the problems between the couple, so the breakup would not have been precisely for reasons of infidelity.

It should be noted that for a few days Maite Perroni is in the eye of the hurricane, as an entertainment magazine assured that she sent suggestive messages to Andres Tovar.

In an interview with an alleged relative of Claudia Martin, it was specified that this was the main reason why the marriage ended.

However, other versions have begun to come to light, including Martha Figueroa and Juan José “Pepillo” Origel indicated that the couple had been separated since January.

“It seems that before that they had spoken, months before, like at the beginning of the year, to say that the thing was no longer pulling,” said the host of “With Permission”.

“When she began the novel they were already separated and Andrés asked Claudia to make the termination of the marriage public and she said no, because she did not want the parents to find out yet,” he said.

They highlight that there were differences between the couple when talking about having children

Martha Figueroa mentioned that the main reason for the separation of Andres Tovar Y Claudia Martin is that both did not agree on the issue of having children.

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Apparently the two agreed to enlarge their family when the interpreter finished her participation in a soap opera, but when that happened the young woman preferred to focus on her career and avoided the issue of babies.

“There are many versions, one of them is that, when they had already agreed to have babies, Claudia said ‘I better do another project and then another, better we don’t have babies right now, we better plan it later,'” said Martha Figueroa, denying that the third in contention be Maite Perroni.

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