It was found by the first diver who entered the Sabinas mine to rescue 10 miners

The first diver ensured that there were no conditions to enter as he found several blockages. Photo: REUTERS/Stringer

The authorities of the Government of Coahuila revealed that on the morning of this Wednesday, August 10, 2022, the unified command and technical staff authorized entry of a diver specialized at the Sabinas mine, where perform rescue maneuvers.

His work was specifically performed indoorsl Pit 4 of the ‘El Pinabete’ minewhere he made some initial explorations with a view to save the 10 miners who has been trapped for more than a week.

The diver, who belongs to the ranks of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), carried out a thorough inspection and on his return to the surface determined that there are obstructions within the well it will hinder the advance, reason why maneuvers must be made for its withdrawal in the next few hours.

But through Laura Velázquez Alzúahead of the national coordination of civil protection in the state, it was also confirmed that they found a helmet during the dive that lasted about two hours.

The Sedena diver determined that there were obstacles in the well Photo: REUTERS/Luis Cortes
The Sedena diver determined that there were obstacles in the well Photo: REUTERS/Luis Cortes

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On the other hand, different actions were performed in the Wells 2 and 3 to exchange larger water pumps for more maneuverable ones. According to the responsible authorities, due to the decrease in water levels, pumping will be much easier From this moment on.

They also described that at the moment the maneuvers with drilling holes; The objective is to install the pumps that increase the extraction capacity and ensure the permanent pumping of water.

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In addition to these actions, they also reported that an overflight with an unmanned aerial vehicle was carried out to the georeferencing of work points thereby facilitating the logistical planning of the authorities’ rescue efforts.

“The commitment of the three government orders has been ratified, to continue the work until the 10 miners are rescued,” the local authorities concluded in their statement.

The main goal of the authorities is to find the Mexican miners Photo: Twitter/@CNPC_MX
The main goal of the authorities is to find the Mexican miners Photo: Twitter/@CNPC_MX

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For its part, the National Civil Protection Coordination revealed during the early hours of Wednesday 10 August that work had begun to remove wood piles in mineswhich was detected by an aquatic drone.

For these rescue maneuvers, as announced by the morning conference of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, there are deployed 672 elements, 25 bombs, 7 drills, 2 underwater drones, 37 vehicles, 5 ambulances, 3 transformersa community kitchen and a temporary shelter.

They also confirmed that they already have the mechanism that will help get the miners out once they are found; It’s a cage Known as “Life Capsule”the same that will be allowed once the conditions for it are established.

This is because during the drone explorations they revealed that there is still a large amount of solid elements and turbulence, making it impossible for divers to reach the desired area.

Despite the fact that the rescue was initially considered against the clock, the families and acquaintances of the trapped miners are hopeful that a miracle happens within the next few hours.

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