It was enough for Chris Rock to put on an Apple TV + movie to enjoy watching Will Smith get whipped

It was enough for Chris Rock to put on an Apple TV + movie to enjoy watching Will Smith get whipped

Will Smith's slap to Chris Rock at the Oscars

The comedian serves the vendetta on a cold plate almost a year after the Oscar incident that still reverberates.

At the end of this month, on March 27 to be precise, it will be one year since the Oscar ceremony where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. However, it seems that the hatchet is far from being buried.

Will Smith was banned from the Academy for a decade, as well as losing his status as a member of Hollywood’s most important body. Initially, Chris Rock maintained an elegant silence, but lately he is changing history.

The comedian has taken to torpedoing Will Smith in his stand-up shows. Recently, he addressed the subject in his new special of Netflix, Total Blacout.

As reported by The Baltimore Sun (via Insider), Chris Rock had one of his jokes on the subject in mid-February, in the Baltimore’s Hippodrome Theatre.

Watch Into Freedom just to see “Will Smith being whipped”

On stage, Chris Rock admitted that he enjoyed Into Freedom, the film by Apple TV+ starring Will Smith, but for the opportunity the film gave him to see the actor who slapped him get spanked.

Chris Rock’s statements have not been liked by various sectors of the African-American community, especially since Towards Freedom is based on a true story.

Will Smith plays a slave in the bloodiest times of American slavery in Antoine Fuqua’s film. However, jokes about black people have always been a constant in Chris Rock’s repertoire, either to vindicate or simply to make people laugh.

The Oscars return this Sunday with their new edition and the shadow of the incident between Chris Rock and Will Smith still hanging over the performance of the Academy. However, it seems that the game is not yet over for the two protagonists of one of the most embarrassing moments in memory at the Oscars, and it will not be for candidates.

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