Romina Marcos revealed that she has been single for two weeks

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Romina Marcos and Hussam Núñez are one of the favorite couples of the second season of Inseparables 2021, but after Romina’s last participation in a dance program, the rumors of their breakup did not wait.

During their last choreography in Las Estrellas dance en Hoy, Romina and Josh kissed to the rhythm of salsa, unleashing rumors of a romance, so on the morning of this November 22, Romina clarified the situation.

Romina Marcos revealed that despite the fact that the kiss was acted, her relationship with Hussam ended two weeks ago, she also shared that it was a relationship that, although it has already ended, she enjoys a lot and will always thank her ex-partner Hussam:

“It was a beautiful relationship, it was a relationship that I enjoyed very much, I will always be grateful to Hussam.”

He also clarified that although a decision was made it was not because of the kiss with Josh, nor his chemistry, much less because of some infidelity between them.

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Although the news of the separation makes us sad, You still have the opportunity to see the best of this beloved couple who have been saved from elimination during the program, from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm on Channel 5.


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