The Judiciary Police (PJ) seized 2.8 tons of hash hidden in a fake compartment inside a truck that was traveling in the Algarve towards Spain, also detaining its driver.

In a statement, the PJ said that the operation, carried out last Thursday, took place “in the context of a traffic inspection carried out on a heavy goods vehicle, with foreign registration, when it was traveling on the A22 bound for Spain”.

When the truck was traveling in the Monte Gordo area, in Vila Real de Santo António (Faro district), already close to the Spanish border, the authorities detected “a non-conformity between the measurement of the vehicle’s external and internal cargo length” .

It was “a false compartment that hid the bales of hashish”, with a total of 81 bales, weighing 2,835 kilograms, in addition to the heavy vehicle and the transport crowd.

The detainee is a 32-year-old man “who has a strong suspicion of the crime of illicit drug trafficking”.

After being present at the Faro Court, the preventive detention coercion measure was applied to him.

The heavy vehicle had already been signaled in traffic in the Algarve in recent weeks, and the operation counted on the collaboration of the GNR Traffic Brigade in Albufeira.

The investigation continues under the responsibility of the Judiciary Police, under the supervision of the Public Prosecutor (MP) of Faro.