“It seems like a rush to me”: he ate in a restaurant, almost “infarct” when he saw the ticket and generated controversy in the networks | Chronicle

Often the social networks are used for users to share all kinds of information: from everyday life situations, anecdotes, funny comments, current news and, recurrently, complaints, which goes viral.

That is why it is very common to run into each other, usually in Twitter, with Internet users outraged at having been poorly served in a restaurant or at what consider high prices on final tickets. And this is the case of the user @eraserena, who shared with her followers an invoice of her visit to a bar.

In receipt, you can see the detail of the young woman’s consumption: four corona beers; some “dry potatoes” and two “simple tenderloins”. The total of the account gave 4,600 pesos and the girl exploded with anger in the networks.

“I don’t know about you, but it seems like a chore to me”posted on his account along with a photo of the ticket to begin to open a debate in which users divided the waters. Some considered that it was a price “reasonable” and others joined the motion that it was a “Afano” what you paid for what you consumed.

Then, the young woman explained that by living in the interior, the prices are different from those of Buenos Aires and perhaps that is why there are those who are not surprised: “Interior of the interior, average salaries of 40k, rents for housing in the order of 20k. I imagine that for Buenos Aires it is cheap, but here they got a little out of hand with the beer”.

Before the beginning of the discussion, a user raised: “But it’s not just that, we’re talking about charging a product four times its real value, it’s absurd and inexplicable.”

On the other hand, a user raised: “It seems cheap to me. Perhaps if they asked for Quilmes it would be more within their reach”. “$370 in the supermarket las Coronas de 710. All the prices there are normal, if you are tight, get together at home”. “300 pesos??? A crown?? Not even wholesalers sell it at that price! If there were two people they paid. 2300 pesos per person, 12.5 usd, a gift, they sucked well and ate loin!”they shared below.


Ana, the user who made her complaint public, also received challenges for not having looked at the menu before: “Don’t you read the menu before ordering? If you look and ask then you can’t complain about the price, in any case of the value obtained in the attention, but you asked”.

Also, there were those who questioned the girl about the choice of the restaurant, and reproached her: “It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or if it’s cheap. If it seemed so expensive to you, didn’t you look at the menu before? How much does it cost you to do it at home? Plus? Less? And why did you choose THAT restaurant with THESE prices?

One way or another, surely the young will start looking at the prices on the menu and do accounts before ordering. Or, at the very least, she will no longer post it on social media to encourage opinions that, as she said, “they speak without knowing” the context.

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