It only takes 3 teaspoons a day to permanently reduce bad cholesterol

Cholesterol is an important fatty substance for our body, as long as its level is 150/200 mg per 100 ml of blood.

There are two types of cholesterol: good and bad; when we find too high values ​​of the latter it can be risky for our health.

There can be numerous factors that cause high cholesterol levels: stress, smoking, alcohol, heredity or even a diet high in saturated fat.

Fortunately for us, high cholesterol responds very well to nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes: so it takes very little to lower it or keep it under control.

It only takes 3 teaspoons a day to permanently reduce bad cholesterol

Honey is an extraordinary product, rich in beneficial properties for our body, which we obtain thanks to bees.

We can find different types, such as wildflower, acacia, chestnut or even the flavored one.

This product is cholesterol-free and naturally helps us to control bad cholesterol levels in the blood, favoring the good one.

On the contrary, drinking a glass of hot water with just one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lime juice every day in the morning gives beneficial results.

The ideal daily dose is about 30 grams, that is exactly 3 teaspoons, to be taken also in place of refined sugar.

It is a very nutritious food, which compared to sugar, contains more vitamins and some mineral salts.

It can even be stored for years if kept away from sources of humidity and heat.

Honey is truly sensational, it only takes 3 teaspoons a day to permanently reduce bad cholesterol.

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Recipe for breakfast

This remedy that we are going to prepare will help us reduce cholesterol, protect the heart and at the same time make it full of energy.

We will only need 3 walnuts, 4 almonds, 1 tablespoon of honey, possibly organic, and finally 1 glass of water.

We proceed by grinding the dried fruit and meanwhile dissolve the spoonful of honey in warm water.

We also put the other ingredients in the glasses and start mixing everything. In a moment our breakfast will be ready.

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