“It made my heart vibrate” –

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After the tensions and harsh sentences of Brignone a month ago, the unexpected gesture of thaw between the two tips of the blue ski: “Maybe to some it may seem irrelevant but in my opinion it is very important”

A hug between Sofia Goggia and Federica Brignone it sounded like science fiction just thinking about it. Instead it happened immediately after the arrival of the super-G of Lake Louise in which Goggia made a hat-trick and the Milanese finished fifth at 9 cents from the podium. A real hug, full of warmth, really unexpected, given the not always idyllic relationships and the misunderstandings between the two champions in the past. Goggia did not fail to underline it: “It is a gesture that made my heart vibrate, really – he told the newspaper The messenger — . Lately we have been getting along very well and I am happy with this trip also for this aspect. Maybe to some it may seem irrelevant but in my opinion it is very important ».

Recently Brignone had used very harsh words about the relationship with Sofia and with Marta Bassino, the other two blue spearheads. “The problem – she said – is that we women, when we have a matter to settle, do not fight in public as men do”. Perhaps a sincere sentence, said without hypocrisy, but also dangerous. To it he added that with the other two there was “a working relationship and that’s it” and that “we are very different in terms of characters and personalities”.

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But now this embrace, in conjunction with Sofia’s great enterprise, puts their relationships in another dimension. The thaw has occurred. Maybe even peace. And, as Goggia implies, perhaps this too has contributed, in a small part, to his further growth as an athlete. Now we will see what Federica will do on the track. Because an even more united team can do well even in the most individual of sports.

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