It is high time for Vlašić to go to Europe. But agreeing to Milan’s terms is nonsense – 07/14/2021

A source: RIA Novosti

Negotiations between CSKA and Milan stalled

This should not surprise domestic fans. Yes, the Italian grand is more than interested in the leader red-blue, however, the proposal of the Italians absolutely does not satisfy CSKA.

  • What Milan offers: According to insider Nikola Skira, the Rossoneri are ready to shell out five million euros for a lease with the possibility of redemption for 20 million. Truth, red-black insist that the ransom will not be mandatory.
  • What do army men want: € 35 million for a full transfer service and no rental agreements.

CSKA’s position is correct. Nikola Vlasic is the main star red-blue, played a good UEFA EURO 2020 (four games, one goal) and has attracted the eyes of many for two years top clubs Europe. That is why the 23-year-old Croat, whose contract with CSKA is valid until the summer of 2024, must not only recoup costs (15.7 million euros after a year of lease + about 4.5 million for salaries), but also bring the army a decent profit. In addition, Nikola’s departure will lead to a serious breach in midfield. The money for the transfer would just go to find a replacement for the midfielder.

Leaving is more real than ever

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In 2018, CSKA left a number of leaders: Pontus Wernbloom, the Berezutsky brothers, Sergey Ignashevich, Alexander Golovin – the team was in for a big restructuring. One of the newcomers at that time was Vlašić, who was refused a chance at Everton. The stars were formed: the army team got the best RPL player of the last three seasons, tearing opponents right left, and Vlašić is a springboard to the European elite. The statistics speaks for itself: in 103 matches in a Muscovite jersey, Nikola scored 33 goals and gave 20 assists.

And even if the last season was as unsuccessful for the Croatian as it was for the whole CSKA (34 matches / 12 goals and 6 assists / a catastrophic sixth place in the Russian championship), it is obvious that interest in Nicolas will not diminish.

“Russia and Moscow are beautiful as a country and a metropolis, but there are better leagues and clubs,” said the footballer’s father Josko Vlašić in a conversation with Slobodna Dalmacija. “And it would be nice to get closer to home. Nikola did a lot for CSKA, achieved a lot for himself individually, but the team could not always match his level. He needs a new challenge. “

CSKA was light on bones, but prevented Vlašić from leaving for Zenit. In the case of Europe, it will be almost impossible to stop the Croatian star.

What can get in the way

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The integrity of the parties and / or the desire of CSKA to squeeze the most out of Vlašić’s departure. I recall the failed transfer of Fedor Chalov to Crystal Palace: in the summer of 2019, the top scorer of the Russian championship (15 goals) was already dreaming of leaving for England. However, as the foreign press wrote, the army team did not plan to part with the striker and repeatedly raised the price tag (first to 20, then to 25 million).

The deal eventually fell through. Chalov stayed with CSKA, turning from the league’s top scorer into a reserve player. During this time, the cost of a football player, according to Transfermarkt, dropped to 10 million.

Sad experience of cooperation with Milan

Remember Keisuke Honda, who scored the most beautiful goal against Sevilla, who gave CSKA a historic entrance to the Champions League quarterfinals in 2010? So, it is the Japanese who is called the most unloved player of Yevgeny Giner. The reason is the president’s deception red-blue, after which the functionary will not even shake hands with the player. At its peak in the 2013/14 season, Honda unexpectedly did not renew the contract with the army team and, after spending the last four incomprehensible months in Moscow, left for Milan for free.

So CSKA missed 20 million.

“We often went to reduce the amount of the transfer for the sake of the image of the club. So it was with everyone. The only footballer I didn’t sell out of principle is Honda. I didn’t get a dime for it on principle. All because he deceived us. Honda said that he would extend the contract, but it turned out that he had promised this to make it easier for him to leave for Milan, ”Giner admitted in 2016 on Match TV.

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