We all sometimes love to give ourselves a belly feast by eating much more than our calorie norm. It seems that such overeating, you will have to work out for hours in the gym. But a new study by scientists from the University of Bath (UK) has shown that you will not gain weight if you allow yourself to eat one full meal.

The study involved young, healthy men from 22 to 37 years old who ate much more pizza than usual. They consumed over 3,000 calories per meal, dramatically increasing their standard daily calorie intake.

It was found that such overeating only marginally affected the basic metabolic parameters of the test subjects. In men, the level of insulin and hormones that are responsible for feeling full increased increased, but there was no sharp jump in blood sugar and lipids – they remained within normal limits. The only drawback of the belly festival was lethargy and drowsiness, which the participants felt after a few hours.

This means that our body copes well with a one-time excess of calories, and a healthy person can afford excess, for example, at some festive dinners, without fear of immediate negative consequences.

Our research shows that at one time people are able to eat twice as much as necessary, but our body is well adapted to this, – says Professor James Betts, head of the research group.

However, scientists warn that if you regularly unnecessarily increase your calorie intake, then obesity and associated health problems (diabetes, cardiovascular disease etc.) will not keep you waiting long.

In the future, the researchers plan to test the effect of a single excessive consumption of food not only on the body of healthy young men, but also on women, overweight people and the elderly.