It is cheaper than the best Dacia Duster and has become an alternative that is gaining followers because it is better

The first generation of Dacia Duster It arrived a few years ago in our country with a very clear intention: to become the benchmark low-cost SUV in our market. An intention that has become reality. Next to Sandero, the Duster It is one of the reasons for the success of the Romanian brand on our roads.

A model, the Duster, which has recently received a mid-cycle update in which Dacia has given it a more modern image and better technology. Of course, in the end, as those who have one in mind well know, the best sales argument of the Dacia is its price.

Dacia Duster 2022
Dacia Duster 2022

However, as with the Sandero, once we left behind the most basic versions of the Duster, its price begins to be not so attractive. It is logical considering that we opted for better engines and equipment, but at that moment many begin to look for alternatives.

The alternative to the Dacia Duster that is gaining followers in Spain

And one of them is a model that, in theory, is not a direct rival to the Duster: the Jeep Renegade. The American compact SUV is on the fine line between generalists and semi-premiums, and its entry version is very attractively priced.

In fact, as we can well see in, the Renegade simplest of all has a price of 19.384 euros as long as we finance thus taking advantage of the already included discount of 7,066 euros.

Jeep Renegade
Jeep Renegade

A price that leaves this Renegade more basic below the better endowed versions of the DusterHence, many see it with good eyes. It is true that the Dacia is a larger model with greater cargo capacity, but the Jeep is still a perfect SUV for the city and for getaways.

Taking into account that Duster better endowed go above 22,000 euros, many in Spain bet before on a Renegade that, being simpler in terms of engine, it is a model of a much higher quality.


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