“It had to be done, but what an effort …”. His first (scandalous) time – Libero Quotidiano

Donatella Rector speaks freely in an interview with Corriere della Sera: of his first time at 19, of the transgressive successes of the past and of the return to Sanremo. And of Gianni Morandi who risked being excluded from the 2022 festival for having accidentally posted part of the song that will lead to Ariston. “I only eat steamed vegetables, I have learned to forgive everyone … and I am two years younger!”, He explained returning to talk about his illness.

Crotch shorts and ... Donatella Rettore shocks Italy: at 67 at Ariston like this, stuff you would not believe |  Look

Donatella Rettore returns to the Sanremo Festival with the song Chemistry, paired with Ditonellapiaga. “I’m the Rector, they call me to make a mess, people like me have always been like this because I say what I think. Even to young people. The lyrics of the songs have always been very important. They have a depth and a linguistic structure that I take care of down to the last detail. Not everyone knows that I read Shakespeare and Plato, indeed, Plato is the true path that I have always followed. For example, he taught me to always take responsibility of my actions. If I post on Facebook or Instagram I take responsibility for it and act accordingly, ”he revealed.

First the tumor, then Stefano's death.  Donatella Rettore, the horrible year: a story that breaks the heart

In love, however, it was anything but transgressive: “My first time was at nineteen and it was a great effort. But it had to be done, he would then leave and stay away for a long time “. And “he” is the person who has always been by his side, Claudio Rego: “the man I’ve been with officially since 1977!”. “And what can I do if we’re still in love? Of course, we couldn’t have a child, which we have wanted so much. But I tried: I took long periods of rest, I tried to relieve stress to favor fertilization, but nothing, the son has not arrived and patience ”, he concluded.




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