It gets better every year: Congstar is extending a promotional tariff

It gets better every year: Congstar is extending a promotional tariff

Congstar Tariffs Hero
Constar Tarife, Mockup via Canva

Like all other tariff providers, Congstar has constantly changing offers, but the currently improved Allnet Flat S is available beyond the original promotional period. For new customers, this currently means a data volume of 8 GB per month for 17 euros in the Telekom network.

As I have already indicated, this tariff automatically gets better every year. With each contract year there is 1 GB more data volume per month (GB+). In the second year of the contract it is 9 GB, in the third year of the contract 10 GB and so on.

  • 8 GB data volume
  • Surfing with LTE 25 (max. 25 Mbit/s)
  • Telephony and SMS flat rate in all German networks
  • Price: 17 euros per month
  • With “GB+”: Increase in monthly data volume by 1 GB per year of contract
  • Promotional tariff can be booked online at until May 3, 2023

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