“It exists, and measures must be maintained”

Ángela Domínguez, coordinator of the Working Group on Vaccination of the Spanish Epidemiology Society.

The fifth wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain is showing cases of people with a positive test for Covid-19 who already had the complete vaccination schedule. Epidemiologists remember that having received both doses is not synonymous with always being fully immunized.

Right now, around 46 percent of the population in Spain has the complete vaccination schedule against Covid-19; 59 percent have at least one dose. “But this does not mean that all these people are immunized. Failures can occur in 10-15 percent of cases. That is why we must maintain measures that are not based on vaccines, “he explains. Angela Dominguez, Coordinator of the Working Group on Vaccination of the Spanish Epidemiology Society.

The expert points out that the vaccine failure implies that the person is not fully protected against Covid-19, so they can become infected in a milder form of the disease. “Others, to a lesser extent, they may present more severe forms“, it indicates.

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“Vaccines, like any drug, do not produce the desired effect in 100% of people. There are different reasons. It may be that at the time of infection a person does not respond in the same way as he would in another, because his immune system is ‘busy’It can also happen that the person’s immune system does not respond adequately to the antigen that is administered.

Day by day it is unknown if there are patient profiles that may be more vulnerable to these failures. More may occur in people with immune disorders. But whoever it is get vaccinated, “They are produced and you have to count on them.” “They can occur due to individual characteristics. We are not machines and the components of the vaccine response at any given time may not work properly,” he adds.

“That is why it is important that people receive the complete guideline, but also know that they can get sick. Hence the relevance of maintain non-pharmacological prevention measures at the community level: the use of masks, hand hygiene, interpersonal distance and ventilation in closed spaces. “Above all, he assures, now that the Delta variant, much more transmissible than the Alpha, is gaining strength in Spain.

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