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Turning around in the count of hospitalizations due to Covid in hospitals: accepting the requests of the Regions, the Ministry of Health issued a circular in which patients hospitalized for different causes but positive to Covid are excluded from the list of admissions and therefore from the relative calculation of the occupancy of beds in the medical area, one of the parameters that establishes the color of the Italian regions.

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The circular signed by the Directorate General for Prevention and that for Health Planning, emphasizes that “the patient hospitalized for various causes who results positive for the test for Sars-Cov-2, but asymptomatic for Covid 19, if he is assigned in isolation to the department of the pathology for which hospitalization is required, although it is traced as a ‘case’, will not be counted among the hospitalizations of the Covid Medical Area, without prejudice to compliance with the principle of separation of paths and patient safety “. As of February 1, the ministry establishes, the bulletin will contain a new field, including “Covid patients hospitalized for various causes”: until then, these will be listed in the general notes. The definition of the Covid case remains unchanged: positive hospitalized patients, regardless of symptoms, “must be traced as cases and communicated to existing surveillance systems”.

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But the Press Office of the Ministry of Health has denied the document that is circulating at the moment and which has been viewed by press agencies. “With regard to today’s press rumors, it is stated that no formal act has been ordered at the moment by the Ministry of Health. Without prejudice to what was recognized yesterday by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, dialogue with the Regions is obviously always open »the text of the note.

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