Israel suspends exports of live animals from Portugal – Observer

Portugal cannot export live animals to Israel, after the country has temporarily suspended this process following an irregularity in one of the lots, indicated the General Directorate of Agriculture and Veterinary (DGAV).

“Israel’s veterinary health authorities have communicated the temporary suspension to the DGAV, on an immediate basis, of exports of live animals from Portugal”, reads a note from this Directorate General.

At issue is a batch of sheep registered, “by mistake of the keeper”, as males, but contained some females.

The export of sheep and goats for fattening to Israel only targets male animals, so “the situation in question is an irregularity”.


In this sense, the DGAV imposed a limitation on the movements of the origin of certified animals and determined the control of identification and registration of all animals on the farm.

The result of this control will determine which measures to apply.

“The competent authorities of Portugal and Israel have been maintaining regular contacts in order to clarify what happened and resume, as soon as possible, the certification process”, noted the DGAV.

DGAV is a central service of the State’s direct administration, with administrative autonomy.