Isola dei Famosi 2021: the final consecrates Awed in front of Valentina Persia

Awed, Massimiliano and Valentina – Isola dei Famosi 2021

Me too’Island of the Famous 2021 comes to the last act: the finale. And here on the appointment with the Monday liveblogging is renewed, to follow and update in direct minute by minute everything that happens in the studio and especially in Honduras during the evening.

Isola dei Famosi 2021: the minute-by-minute live broadcast of the final

21.44: Short preview.

21.47: The studio lights come on. Tightened in an elegant and long dress, Ilary Blasi ‘parades’ in the studio and officially kicks off the final. Tommaso is keen to say hello to the singer Michele Merlo, who passed away today. Then off to the movie with the images of the castaways who bid their farewell to the beach that has hosted them until today.

21.53: Connection with the envoy. “I’m very excited”, comments Rosolino, who welcomes the six finalists to Palapa, one by one. There is talk of the two on televoting, Awed and Matteo, who define themselves as great friends. Ilary stings the youtuber: “Did you tell Matteo that you mentioned him?”. Awed spiega: “No, I never said my nominations”, specifying that lately he has very close with Andrea and Ignazio. Diamante admits the disappointment. “Given this great friendship, I was thrilled”, Zanicchi intervenes, who takes the opportunity to congratulate the correspondent: “You are a gentleman”.

Ilary and the finalists - Isola dei Famosi 2021

Ilary and the finalists – Isola dei Famosi 2021

22.02: The televoting is closed. Immediately the verdict: the first eliminated of the final is Matteo with 73% of the votes. Awed (27%) continues its run. Diamante hugs his friend (?) And is moved when he sees his father, who tells him he is, in connection from the studio “Very proud of you”. Then the torpedoed: “You have a fake friend”, he tells his son, referring to Awed.

Awed and Matteo - Island of the Famous 2021

Awed and Matteo – Island of the Famous 2021

22.08: The five finalists for the first time can be seen in the images that retrace their adventure on the island. Valentina in tears: “Wonderful thank you”. Zorzi remembers (again!) That “I know the emotion of the final very well”.

22.13: The episode continues with Andrea and Valentina, whose relationship has gradually broken down. “I completely raised a wall (…) I’m a touchy person par excellence”, admits Cerioli. Persia softens the tone and speaks of a mother’s love for a child. “He’s a big head”he adds.

22.18: Meanwhile, Andrea and Ignazio’s girlfriends land on Playa Palapa. Unbeknownst to the two castaways, they will soon compete in a duel and only the winner will be able to hug her man again.

Cecilia Rodriguez and Arianna Cirrincione - Island of the Famous 2021

Cecilia Rodriguez and Arianna Cirrincione – Island of the Famous 2021

22.27: Blasi tells Moser and Cerioli that their girlfriends are about to challenge each other on the beach at the ‘rotisserie’. The two witness the trial from the Palapa but do not believe they are really in Honduras. “They will have set up something in Milan”, says Ignatius. But when they see Massimiliano in the frame too, they change their minds. And off to the test, with Arianna falling into the water after a few seconds. “Love, you lasted two seconds longer than expected”, Andrea jokes.

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22.32: Ilary invites Arianna to leave the island because “The regulation is the regulation”. Andrea is ‘desperate’. But eventually he too will meet his beloved (but he still doesn’t know). Advertising.

22.41: The five castaways compete at sea. The test is of resistance on the ‘beds’ that gradually incline. The first to fall into the water will go to televoting, while the winner will be safe. It is Ignazio who gives up first, while Andrea wins. Moser goes to the flash televoting and it is Cerioli who decides the challenger: he makes the name of Beatrice why “I would like to send Valentina and Awed forward”. Ilary opens televoting: who to eliminate? In the studio they are sure: Ignazio will win.

Island of the Famous 2021

Island of the Famous 2021

22.51: We talk about Beatrice and her love for Mathieu. The model receives a parchment from him and is moved when she sees him in the studio. “A promise is a promise (…) I’m here only for you”, says her boyfriend.

22.56: Ignazio gets on the boat. “Soon you will understand where it takes you”explains Ilary. Advertising.

23.06: Moser lands in Cayo Paloma, where he finds a diary with photos and thoughts that his Cecilia sends him. “Every time you make me cry, though. Caz * o “, says the castaway. Then he runs towards Rodriguez: the two, after months, hug and kiss. Ilary tries to convince Ignazio to make the proposal live. “If you dig there, there’s a thing (the ring, ndDM)”he adds. The two, however, brake because they want to keep this moment for them. “We don’t need it”says Cecilia. “I tried”, glosses the presenter.

Ignazio meets Cecilia - Island of the Famous 2021

Ignazio meets Cecilia – Island of the Famous 2021

23.18: Film about the ‘couple’ Ilary-Massimiliano. “Tonight you and I are playing the grape game, each one at his house”jokes Blasi. Advertising.

23.29: Ilary closes the televoting. The envelope with the verdict arrives: Beatrice eliminated with 54% of the votes. Ignazio (46%) is still in the race. Marchetti greets everyone.

23.37: The four castaways compete on the beach at the ‘Ariadne’s thread’. It is a path of obstacles and intertwining, with the aim of not tangling the rope and reaching the finish line. Whoever wins is safe, whoever loses goes straight to televoting. Awed wins, while Ignazio gives up immediately and is therefore at risk again.

Island of the Famous 2021

Island of the Famous 2021

23.40: The winner of the test must decide who to send to the televoting flash against Ignazio. Awed names Valentina because she would like to go to the podium with Cerioli and Moser. Persia takes with bitterness: “I didn’t expect it (…) I trust in the public”. Go to the voting. In the studio they say they are displaced. The Lodo explains: “Awed always said he wanted to go to the final with Valentina”.

23.48: Surprise for Persia, which connects with her mother and sister.

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23.52: Clip on the cult moments ofIsola, awarded with the Rosolone d’Oro! The statue is received by Ubaldo, who dedicates it to his Rosolino and to all the workers.

Ubaldo and Ilary - Island of the Famous 2021

Ubaldo and Ilary – Island of the Famous 2021

23.56: Closed the televoting, Blasi has the envelope with the verdict. Advertising.

00.03: In the studio they are confident in the victory of Persia. And so it is: the eliminated is Ignatius with 52% of the votes. Valentina rejoices (48%). Moser thanks everyone and ‘runs’ to his Cecilia.

00.09: After a video dedicated to them, Ilary connects with the eliminated of the semifinal: Isolde, Miryea and Roberto. The three are unbalanced in favor of Valentina on the possible winner of this one Isola.

00.12: The three survivors will play the final at the test of fire. The first to defy the flames is Andrea: he resists 1 minute and 14 seconds. Then it’s up to Valentina: 1 minute and 29 seconds. Finally Awed: 1 minute and 26 seconds. Therefore, Persia goes to the final battle, while the flash televoting will see Cerioli and Awed. Ilary communicates the outcome of the test to the three. Valentina rejoices!

The last test of fire - Isola dei Famosi 2021

The last test of fire – Isola dei Famosi 2021

00.27: Go to the voting.

00.32: Surprise coming for Awed, who doesn’t know he’s about to meet his brother Daniele. First, however, the youtuber receives a video message from him. And he is invited to a parmigiana ‘banquet’; it is his brother who brings it to him, disguised as a waiter / chef. Awed recognizes him immediately and hugs him.

Awed meets his brother - Isola dei Famosi 2021

Awed meets his brother – Isola dei Famosi 2021

00.43: The new single from Elettra plays in the studio: Gunman. Advertising.

00.49: Andrea is invited to the beach. He runs, convinced that he will meet his girlfriend, but waiting for him behind the curtain is the ‘enemy’ Daniela Martani. She holds out her hand, he shakes it but distances himself: “You gave yourself a minute of fame”. And behind him comes his girlfriend Arianna. In the end Cerioli tells himself “Very happy” and hugs Daniela too. “I see you very thin, there is something that does not fit me”says the castaway to his Ariadne. “Pages * o”she replies. And Martani continues to embrace them.

Arianna, Andrea and Daniela - Island of the Famous 2021

Arianna, Andrea and Daniela – Island of the Famous 2021

00.59: The televoting is closed. Advertising.

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1.05: La Blasi communicates the verdict: Andrea eliminated with 67% of the votes. Awed (33%) goes to the last fight with Valentina. “Thank you all from my heart, it was incredible”, comments Cerioli, who relives his adventure and leaves the Palapa forever.

1.11: The last televoting is opened: who must win between Valentina and Awed? Persia, moved, retraces her experience as a shipwreck. “I had forgotten about the woman I am for just being a mother (…) I deserve some time”, he comments.

1.16: Awed relives his too Isola, which he dedicates to all young people who feel excluded. “If I did it, anyone can do it”he adds.

1.19: Massimiliano remains alone and proceeds to shut down the Palapa. He takes the opportunity to thank everyone, especially the host. Advertising.

Massimiliano Rosolino - Island of the Famous 2021

Massimiliano Rosolino – Island of the Famous 2021

1.27: Ilary quickly thanks everyone for this Isola and gives his latest script, as if it were a prize, to Jeda, who is his personal winner.

1.30: The announcement of the winner takes place on the stage set up in the sea. Closed the televoting, Ilary proceeds with the final verdict: to win the Island of the Famous 2021 is Awed with 61% of the vote. Valentina (39%) second classified. A shower of confetti in the studio, while the winner is incredulous and is reached by all the finalists. “I don’t believe it, holy shit”, his last words. L’Isola ends here.

1.34: Good night to all.

Island of the Famous 2021: final advances

Live on Canale 5, starting at around 9.40pm, Ilary Blasi leads the final ofIsland of the Famous 2021. With her in the studio, in the role of opinion makers, Elettra Lamborghini, Iva Zanicchi e Tommaso Zorzi. Also present were the castaways eliminated and withdrawn. Sent from Honduras Massimiliano Rosolino.

After more than three months, the six survivors – Andrea Cerioli, Awed, Beatrice Marchetti, Ignazio Moser, Matteo Diamante e Valentina persia – they are ready to challenge each other in the latest tests and in a last series of flash televoting. First, however, the verdict that will immediately decide an elimination between Awed and Matteo in the televoting opened last Monday. At the end of the final, for the first time in the history of the program carried out in Honduras, the winner.

The episode will also live on surprises dedicated to the finalists. Boyfriends and relatives are ready to support them, not only from the studio: some of the competitors will find their loved ones on the island, whom they have not seen for months. Cecilia Rodriguez e Arianna Cirrincione, girlfriends of Ignazio and Andrea respectively, will be the protagonists of a challenge to be able to hug and see their partner again immediately, as well as Daniele Paciello, flew overseas to support his brother Awed.

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