Nothing, I reconfirm what I said last week: I’m BLACK.

It’s amazing, absolutely amazing, like Diego Tavani was able to have such a poraccio behavior, but so poraccio, to end up passing well Ida Platano.

I can’t believe it, I swear to you, it just gnaws at my ass, but it gnaws me very hard. Because in the end the Platano from all this affair it comes out like that as well sinGera to want to leave the program and that, poor thing, has found a falsone attached to the chair, when, porcocappero, we who have been with us since the days of Zonzo Aruta we know that this is not the case and that the first anchored to the studies of Men and women with nails and teeth it is her!

Diego he got them all wrong, all of them, I would also like to find some holds to defend him, if only for the sake of going against Ida, Armando Incarnato (however I still have my gaze fixed on nothing from the moment Army said that from him you can learn how to be men @. @) e Gianny Sperty and instead, nothing, like TinonaNostra (the only voice of the people who recently tried to break the veil of protection that unreasonably covers the Platano for years) I had to give up in the face of the immense no sense of the behavior of Ceilings that in the end it came out for what it is: yet another desperate for the red light, which was anchored to Ida because he was convinced that she would not go away from the program anyway (and this is true, in fact I am willing to dye my hair fluorescent green if today was really the last time we saw her rears lean on the transparent chairs) and that as soon as the possibility of having to quit the program was configured, he had a panic attack and did not know what excuse to find to somehow remain in there.

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Having said that, and therefore reiterated that Diego is completely unsavable, I at the beatification of Ida I’m not.

First point: is it normal for a 40-year-old woman to go from saying she is not sure about the other person, and therefore does not want to quit the program, to drop the red petals within 24 hours? Okay, that’s right, I’m the first to think whether or not to quit Elios does not affect the evolution of a relationship in the least, but, apart from the fact that for those who camp there, yes, the exit from the studies of Men and women it is a choice to be pondered more than orange blossoms, but then in general is it normal to switch from one point of view to the diametrically opposite one within 24 hours and while with the other person you are also cold?

I mean, ok, Diego he sought an excuse because he could not accept that he was no longer Diego of Men and Women, and on this we agree. But, regardless of Ceilings, IN GENERAL is it not plausible that if you tell me A and the next day you tell me the opposite of A, I am at least upset?

men and women

Second point: ma ‘sti “I love you“That float from the mouths of forty-year-olds with offspring who have known each other for 10 minutes? I can understand the lack of zeal in the use of words by young people who are not very mature and full of enthusiasm, but Ida who until yesterday was whimpering for Marcello Messina how can he go on to say “I love you” a Diego after a quarter of an hour?

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Third point: say you said that “I love you“In the throes of the emotion of the moment, but reiterating that she is not really in love, at 40, continues to make all the doubts in the world legitimate. I mean, I say, but at our age we say the “I love you“Randomly after a nice bomb? And then we are surprised if the person in front of us doubts us?

men and women

So, in short, Diego it is what it is and it does not rain, but I to the fable of Santa Ida from Brescia I don’t take the bait, I’m sorry.

Among other things, I don’t know about you, but I start to perceive strange, disturbing, alarming signals … here I start to smell the next romantic approach (super spontaneous, LOL) between Ida e Armando, guys. I feel it, I smell the stench from here.

I will tell you, on the one hand it disturbs me deeply and generates horror and horror, on the other hand it would be a kind of struggle between titans: the serial smerder on one side and the inveterate grieving victim on the other. Who will survive in the epic final showdown?

men and women

Video of the episode: Full episode – The outbursts of Ida and Diego – Ida and Diego: the comparison – Ida: “Diego I wanted to know him outside ..” – Diego under accusation – Ida: “Diego I’m going out alone” – Renato introduces himself – Alessandro: ” I’m sorry for Mrs. Giovanna … “

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