In a tidal wave of emotions for the whole affair Ben Simmons has been moving for months Philadelphia 76ers, being in the background the sports organization and the performance in a NB preseason in which the dispatches are pending. It shouldn’t be easy at all preparing for a Championship without knowing what pieces you’re going to have and having the team’s second highest stronghold in recent years in a clear, nuanced rebellion in the final hours. Despite this, Doc Rivers There is also good news, and the most remarkable and promising of all is the superb performance of Isaiah Joe, a sophomore player who has earned the right to dream of a rotating job based on work ethic and continuous improvement.

An accomplished scorer and above all a man capable of generating his own shots after rebound and handling the ball wonderfully, this basketball player raised in Arkansas received the support of Joel Embiid after his sublime performance in the duel against the Brooklyn Nets in LA. after dawn. He started off as a starter, acting as a point guard, although he could also play as a 2, and he ended the game with 20 points and some very good defensive actions over Harden, having worked extensively in that facet. during summer. “He’s improving a lot in all aspects, he’s working hard to get stronger physically and he’s very comfortable with the ball in his hands,” said the Sixers coach.

Joel Embiid is Isaiah Joe’s big supporter

“I think he has a good opportunity to consolidate in the league because he handles the ball very well, shoots well and has good defensive skills,” he said. Joel embiid, whose words are sacred at this time in Philadelphia 76ers he can therefore be Isaiah Joe’s big supporter to consolidate himself in the rotation. Regardless of what happens with Simmons, having a second or third base of these characteristics can be the key to the success of a franchise that needs points from the outside and players who have a vision for the game and can find it. the Cameroonian in advantageous situations for him.

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