Is Ukraine behind explosions, fires and sabotage in Russia?

The attacks also have a political purpose: “With this, the attackers show the Russian people that the war is getting closer and that they too can be hit. This will initially increase President Putin’s support among the Russian population. support crumbling and increasing the pressure to end the war.”


The usefulness of such attacks and acts of sabotage thus seems clear. But by whom these kinds of actions are carried out is more shady, says Sweijs. “Are they secret Ukrainian advance units? Or are we perhaps talking about Russian resistance here?”

Both are conceivable, says Sweijs. “There are several ways to attack these types of targets. For example, the oil depots in Bryansk seem to have been hit with a ballistic missile.” Bryansk is quite close to the Ukrainian border. “Research facilities such as the one in Tver, much further from the Ukrainian border, would be more likely to be sabotage,” says Sweijs. “For example, through a cyber attack or by people on the ground.”

In any case, according to Weijs, Ukrainian involvement seems plausible. “Ukraine is attacked and has its back against the wall. Attack is the best defense.”



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