Is there Hoy No Circula on Sunday? See how the program applies on the weekend

Is there Hoy no Circula on Sunday? Photo:

The Hoy no Circula program on the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico (ZMVM) not only applies from Monday to Friday, according to the holograms and plate finishing, but on the weekend, this measure, implemented to contribute to the reduction of pollutants, also operates, although not on Sundays, only on Saturday. then in we tell you what happens with him Saturday and Sunday.

Recent activations of Environmental Contingency on the CDMX and some municipalities in the State of Mexico have activated the Doble Hoy no Circula during the week, but also on the weekend, as happened on May 21, 2022, which was the day before the domingo.

Is there Hoy no Circula on Sunday?

According to the Secretariat of the Environment of the CDMXon Sunday does not apply the program Today does not circulate, so all vehicles can circulate, including foreign ones; however, it is not ruled out that, due to a Environmental contingency, there may be some restrictions occasionally.

Therefore, on Sunday cars with holograms “0”, “00”, “1” and “2”, Regardless of the finish of their license plate or color of gumming, they can circulate without restrictions in the ZMVM.

What are the vehicle restrictions for Hoy no Circula during the week?

The Hoy no Circula program restricts the circulation of cars in a hours from 5 to 22 hours; from Monday to Saturday (does not operate the domingo) It is established that certain vehicles cannot transit, according to their hologram, plate and color of gumming, and it is as follows:

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Is there Hoy No Circula on Sunday?  See how the program applies on the weekend
Photo: Sedema-CDMX

How does the Doble Hoy no Circula for Environmental Contingency work?

In addition to “resting” the cars that are due for their holograms, color of gumming and finish of plates, when a Environmental Contingency restrictions are also extended to other vehicles, determined by the Metropolitan Environmental Commission (CAMe), such as automobiles with holograms “0” y “00”. In recent months, it has not happened that the Double Today does not circulate in domingo.



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