Is the UK hand behind the raids on Russian targets and Zelensky’s rescue?

Is the British hand behind some war operations in Ukraine? From the rescue of President Zelensky to attacks on Russian ships and territories, analysts of theintelligence a very specific suspicion begins to spread about the secret missions and the British units. Specifically, he explains today Republic in an article by Gianluca Di Feo, we begin to suspect the Special Air Service (Sas), the impossible mission department created in 1941 in North Africa to fight against Italy and Germany. And which currently performs anti-terrorism and hostage rescue functions, as well as special military operations.

The suspect

Her Majesty’s soldiers are acting under a false name so as not to compromise their government. And today they could use the contractor, that is, the mercenaries who are active alongside the forces of Kiev. Like American citizen Willy Joseph Cancel, who died earlier this week on the Ukrainian front. Their motto is “Who dares win“(” Who dares wins “) and according to some in the first night of the war it was they who protected Zelensky from the murderous intentions of Moscow. But, explains the newspaper, there are two other well-defined episodes behind which their hand could be. The first is the sinking of a Russian military ship, the Saratov, which was in the port of Berdyansk on 24 March. At the time there was talk of missiles that had hit it, but the story would have gone differently.

That is: an incursion of divers with placement of a magnetic mine on the side of the ship and subsequent escape without leaving a trace. The second episode is the helicopter attack on two fuel depots in Belgorod. On the occasion, Kiev first denied responsibility; then President Zelensky, answering a question about the paternity of the attack, came up with a rather ambiguous sentence that sounded like a vindication: “I’m sorry, but I’m not talking about my orders as commander, leader of this state. There are things that I only share with the armed forces when they talk to me ».

«No comment»

Now, explain Republic, another truth emerges: the cameras framed two MI-24 Hinds, which are supplied to both forces in the field. But the Hinds also use them the new mercenaries: it happened on a mission to Sierra Leone and at the time the crew was also made up of former Sas. The idea is that it would not have been difficult for the British unit to hire a pair to strike and disappear. Finally, there are the Russians. The agency Ria Novosti some time ago announced an investigation by the Russian Committee of Inquiry into the war in Ukraine regarding the presence of 20 SAS members sent to Lviv. The British government responded with a “no comment”.

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