Is the triplet coming? Isco becomes a trend for his haircut

Madrid Spain /

Less than a month after the start of the season 2021-22 in Spanish LaLiga, there are high expectations within the Real Madrid, well in appearance ‘Europe begins to shake’ behind the recovery of old Isco, footballer who has become trend thanks to your haircut.

Isco has reappeared after the holidays of the Spanish team and wears a new haircut, plus a better physical condition, which is why some madridistas hope that he will not leave the club to go to AC Milan.

What is special about Isco’s haircut?

On social media have circulated a couple of Photos where do you see Isco training alongside his Real Madrid teammates, but leaving aside his long hair, hewearing short hair that makes you remember your best stage as a madridista.

According to some madridistas, Isco lived his best moments with the Real Madrid from 2013 to 2015, time where it was also directed by Carlo Ancelotti and where he played 106 games, scored 17 goals and gave 21 assists.

Although there are those who say it with confidence, Many others take it with irony, because they prefer that Isco he leaves the club and incidentally to a new reinforcement that can revolutionize his squad.

Besides of haircut ‘retro’ that looks Isco in the Real Madrid, he also looks thinner, a fact that could be beneficial to their cause, since previously their speed and agility I distinguished it within The Spanish league.

The Spanish footballer has lost great prominence in recent campaigns, since under the command of Zidane was relegated more to being a bench or replacement player. It is rumored that his pass to the AC Milan but nothing is confirmed.


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