Is Swisscom now grabbing the TV rights to the Ski World Cup?


After the coming season, the partnership between Swiss-Ski and the main sponsor Swisscom will end. Is the telecommunications company now entering the fight for TV rights?

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In the coming season, Corinne Suter and Co. will be competing for the last time in the Swisscom Tenü.


Swisscom was the main sponsor of Swiss-Ski for 20 years.

Swisscom was the main sponsor of Swiss-Ski for 20 years.

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Now the partnership ends.

Now the partnership ends.


  • The partnership between Swiss-Ski and Swisscom will end in 2022.

  • The telecommunications provider could now theoretically bid for the TV rights.

  • The SRF holds the rights to the World Cup races until and including the 2025/2026 season.

  • Meanwhile, Swiss-Ski reveals details about the deal with Sunrise UPC.

After more than 20 years, Swisscom is pulling the plug on its partnership with Swiss-Ski after the coming World Cup season. The telecommunications company recognizes the association’s need for increasingly higher investments to secure its top position in skiing over the long term. However, Swisscom does not want to substantially increase its involvement in snow sports and does not want to commit itself so long-term again.

But how much was missing that we could still have come to an agreement? 20 Minuten asked Swisscom. «We cannot provide any information on the content of the contract. We have carefully examined an increase in funding, ”says Deputy Media Director Armin Schädeli. “We are convinced that we will be able to concentrate our resources on other commitments in the years to come.”

What happens to the TV rights?

So Swisscom is saying goodbye to skiing in spring 2022. But for how long? For events within Switzerland, the SRG acquired the exclusive broadcasting rights from Swiss-Ski until the end of the 2027/28 season. For foreign events, the contract with the marketing company Infront Sports & Media runs up to and including the 2025/2026 season.

Will Swisscom soon join the battle for broadcasting rights with its blue TV offering? After withdrawing as the main sponsor of Swiss-Ski, there would at least no longer be a conflict of interest. “We will inform you in due time if we enter into new commitments,” says Swisscom.

“Snow sports as a whole benefit”

Meanwhile, Swiss-Ski reveals details about the deal with the new main sponsor Sunrise UPC. The Swiss Ski Association communicated the deal with the company on Tuesday morning. “It’s not just individual points, but the sustainable and very long-term overall package – snow sports as a whole benefit,” replied Christian Stahl when asked what made the difference to the partnership with Sunrise UPC. And: “As an association, we have the task of further developing snow sports and securing it on a broad basis and in the long term. With this new main partner, we can give our employees, trainers, athletes but also all of our partners security for the future. “

Stahl does not yet want to reveal what these changes mean for the Swiss ski fan. Today Tuesday was just the announcement of our new partnership from 2022, said Stahl. “We will be working with Swisscom as the main partner for another year. In about a year we will therefore inform the public about the innovations. “

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