‘Is son Maarten van Rossem taking part in De Slimste Mens?’

Is he really there now, the son of Maarten van Rossem? It was last night among viewers of The smartest person the question on social media.

The question was asked with a wink, of course. We are talking here about the debuting candidate Daniël Vis, who is from Utrecht and therefore fellow townsman of Maarten van Rossem. This city poet was The smartest person knocked out immediately (in the final by Anniko van Santen), but he looks quite like the historian in the jury seat.

Maarten van Rossem discussed a lot

Maarten van Rossem has been discussed a lot in the media and on Twitter in recent days. Just take his statement about actor Johnny Depp, who as far as Van Rossem is concerned ‘may be shot and buried anonymously’. The The smartest person-husband, no doubt, doesn’t literally wish Depp to the afterlife, but it was his – clumsy – way of wishing that news about stars disappears from our lives for good. For Member of Parliament Wybren van Haga, the ruling gave cause to ask parliamentary questions about it. He wants Maarten van Rossem to disappear from the tube, wrote Metro yesterday.

Earlier, the former professor went wild on the study of future Queen Amalia (‘doesn’t represent an ass’) and gave his opinion about the ‘women are whores speech’ in an Amsterdam student corps. Van Rossem also discussed whether the culture within those corps can still change in the Metro-panel.

‘Son of’ in The Smartest Man

Last night, as far as the viewers of De Slimste Mens are concerned, ‘the son of Maarten van Rossem’ was suddenly in the program (some viewers thought grandson). Daniël Vis took on the aforementioned Anniko van Santen van Investigation Requested in Volkskrantcartoonist Jip van den Toorn. Vis’ hair, dark voice with occasional grumbles, and his black clothes were all reminiscent of the man in the jury seat.

Chatting like Maarten van Rossem

And there was one more point. Daniel Vis lost countless seconds by continuing to talk while looking for good answers. The incessant stream of words was already very reminiscent of what Maarten van Rossem likes to do: talk. Even though Vis lost all those seconds with that stream of words, he almost caused an unprecedented catch-up race in the final. He went into it with a huge backlog, but suddenly the talking in between was gone and he rattled one good answer after another. Anniko van Santen sat there, looked and listened despairingly. “Fantastic play”, she could only say afterwards. But was through to the next episode of The smartest person.

Click on the link if you want to watch an episode with Daniël Vis in De Slimste Mens.

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