Is SHE the missing Maddie McCann?  Woman goes public with photos

Is SHE the missing Maddie McCann? Woman goes public with photos

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Maddie McCann has been missing since 2007 – now a young woman from Poland claims to be the kidnapped girl. The missing girl’s parents are said to have already responded.

Wroclaw/London – “Help me, I need to talk to Kate and Gerry McCann,” says the description of Julia W.’s Instagram account from Wroclaw, Poland. She also posts photos of herself and the missing ones Maddie McCann, which should prove that it is the same person. There has been no trace of Madeleine McCann since she disappeared from a vacation in Portugal in 2007 when she was three.

Julia (21) claims to be the missing Maddie

Julia (21) claims to be the missing Maddie © Instagram/iammadelemccan

Parents of suspected kidnapped Maddie McCann agree to DNA test

The parents of the missing Maddie, Kate and Gerry McCann, are said to have agreed to a DNA test. “Thank you for your help. Kate and Gerry McCann have agreed to a DNA test,” they said on their Instagram channel. So far, the two have not wanted to make an official statement. According to official information, it has not yet been confirmed whether the parents of the missing Maddie McCann actually agree to a DNA comparison.

Can Julia W. from Poland be the missing Maddie? To prove it, the 21-year-old posts photos and videos of herself on social media to prove the resemblance. The account already had tens of thousands of followers and thousands of comments under the posts within a very short time. Julia W. reports on her account that she was abused by a pedophile from Germany. Also, she was adopted.

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So far it has not been possible to verify that Julia W. is the missing Maddie

Collages of children’s pictures of the missing Maddie and Julia W. are intended to confirm that the Polish woman is the missing girl. In the pictures, Julia W. points out birthmarks and other similarities between her and Maddie McCann. “I want to know the truth. Help me,” writes the 21-year-old on Instagram. Julia W.’s claims have not yet been verified – but a DNA test could bring clarity.

However, experts doubt that Julia W. is the missing Maddie. So it is suspicious that the Instagram account was only filled with content a few days ago. In addition, different children should have been shown for comparison and not just photos of a person, a verification expert told RTL.

Can Julia W. from Poland be the missing Maddie?

The psychologist dr. Dirk Baumeier believes that the photos and videos on the young woman’s Instagram page reveal “a certain mental confusion”. “The person concerned expresses at various points that she does not know exactly who she is,” he told RTL. In his opinion, the woman needed “psychotherapeutic help in finding her own biographical roots.”

Maddie McCann disappeared in 2007 from an apartment in Portugal where her parents were vacationing with her. Christian B is suspected of killing Maddie. He was living in the Algarve when Maddie McCann disappeared in Portugal. Shortly afterwards he is said to have fled to Germany. He is currently in prison for raping a 72-year-old woman and may have committed other sexual offenses.

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