Is Microsoft about to launch the Xbox Toaster?

Is Microsoft about to launch the Xbox Toaster?

After the Xbox fridge could come… the Xbox toaster. It seems that Microsoft loves appliances…

It has been leaked on Twitter Xbox Series S Toaster. A French account ensures that it will be put up for sale at a price of 60 euros.

In other circumstances we would take it as a joke, but we have the precedent of the Xbox refrigerator.

when it was released Xbox Series Xits rectangular shape caused many to compare it to a fridge. Far from taking it as an insult, Microsoft made a nevera Xbox in real size that he sent to some influencers. He later marketed the xbox series x mini fridge, It’s already sold out everywhere.

The New Xbox Toaster

We do not know if what we are going to show next is a jokeor one actual filtration. But it doesn’t matter much either: if it’s a joke and it becomes a meme, Microsoft surely won’t hesitate to turn it into realityand market the Xbox Series S Toaster.

Unlike the fridge, which is based on the Xbox Series X console, the toaster is shaped like an Xbox Series S. You can see it here, courtesy of the tweeter Gyo Cf:

Xbox Series S Toaster

If we pay attention to these specifications, we are facing a great 800W toaster able to prepare two slices up to 40 mm long.

It also accepts bread up to 120 by 120 millimeters. Has 6 browning levelsto suit all tastes, and a tray to remove the crumbs.

The xbox toaster It has a function to prevent the bread from getting stuck, and non-slip feet. With three modes of use: Defrost, toast, and cancel the current task.

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A very complete appliance, which meets all the needs expected in a toaster.

We sincerely think that it’s a jokeMicrosoft has no reason to launch a toaster. But if this Xbox Series S Toaster becomes viral, we do not rule out that he decides to take the glove and commercialize itas he did with his famous Xbox Series X mini fridge.

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