Is Instagram using your phone's camera without your knowledge?


armada1985 – Fotolia

Instagram promises to quickly correct a “bug” that uses the front camera of the iPhone … without the knowledge of the user. The bug was spotted in particular thanks to a new feature in iOS 14.

A new feature of iOS 14 allowed the discovery of a bug within Instagram. Indeed, Apple’s new OS shows a small icon in the upper right corner of the screen when the iPhone’s camera or microphone is used by an application.

Some users have seen the appearance of this symbol when the Instagram application was open, which suggested that the social network was using the camera without their knowledge. But it is not. The company confirmed to The Verge that it was a bug, which has since been fixed.

An Instagram spokesperson explains that the app “only access your camera when you ask us to do so, for example, when you switch from stream to camera. We have found and fixed a bug in the beta version of iOS 14 which incorrectly states that some people use the camera when they don’t.

The new security features added to iOS 14 therefore continue to animate the web. In early July, it was also discovered that many applications were accessing copy-pasted content on the iPhone, which can cause concern. The practice is nothing new unfortunately, but just appears more explicitly on iOS 14.