Is GTA getting new competition? Rockstar Games founder starts his own studio

As one of the founders behind Rockstar Games (GTA 5), war Dan Houser involved in the studio’s greatest successes.

And if you are exactly, one of the greatest successes in video game history. Because GTA 5 Has been in the streaming charts for an incredibly long time and is still in the black.

The Rockstar Games founder now has a new own studio started.

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New own studio from Rockstar Games founder could heat up GTA!

Dan Houser has his new own studio “Absurd Ventures in Games” baptized and with it the founder goes from Rockstar Games now new ways.

Even if the name of the new studio doesn’t come off the tongue as easily as Rockstar, one can perhaps draw some conclusions from it. Because that could be funny if you take this name literally.

Absurd Ventures in Games could mean that we will see much more weird and abstruse games. Now considering that already Rockstar did not shy away from pushing the limits of the weird taste, what will be there? independent Studio Bringing rock stars from one of the creators. Especially when the studio makes a promise in the name of “absurdity”. Maybe a GTA killer title emerges, but that would be pure speculation at this point. Hauser would have to raise quite a bit of capital and first scrape around the necessary employees.

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Back from retirement

Originally went Houser 2020 into “retirement” and withdrew from the Gaming Industry back to spend more time with his family. What the new company will deliver is still unclear. Even if the name suggests games and also those Studio description with “enteretainment software development” also points very strongly in the direction of gaming.

But what remains exciting Rockstar Games Co-Founder and be new studio will deliver. It is also speculated that Dan Houser should only act as a consultant in this studio. However, considering he has his fingers in both Red Dead Redemption as well as GTA had, it could well provide for one or the other serious competitor. It is well known that competition stimulates the market.



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