Is Apple calling the next macOS Mammoth?

1. June 2022 –
Observers suspect that Apple will give the next MacOS version 13 the nickname Mammoth. This refers to the Mammoth Mountains skiing and hiking area in eastern California.

For several years, after exhausting the names of big cats, Apple has been naming its MacOS versions with the names of picturesque California locations. That’s the name of the current MacOS 12 Monterey. The manufacturer will continue the tradition with the next edition of MacOS 13, which will most likely be presented next Monday, June 6th, at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Rumor has it that MacOS 13 will get the nickname Mammoth. But Apple isn’t turning to extinct species – it would probably mean the location of Mammoth Lakes and the Mammoth Mountains in the east of the US state, which are popular with skiers and hikers. Apple already registered the Mammoth trademark in 2019 and has renewed the registration several times since then – a sign that the trademark should really be used at some point. However, Mammoth is not the only option: the terms Redwood, Farallon, Miramar, Tiburon and some other place names have also entered Apple shell companies. Apple’s lawyers have recently only taken care of Mammoth, as “Mac&i” reports. (ubi)

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