The oldest cause of macrista espionage keep changing judge. After the economic criminal judge Javier López Biscayart declare itself competent to investigate the use of state databases, especially those of the National Migration Directorate (DNM), to spy on, the Buenos Aires Federal Chamber ordered another judge to be bypassed. Alexander Catania, the same magistrate who investigates the shipment of ammunition to Bolivia, will have to understand in the file that passed from court to court since Rodolfo Canicoba Corral retired.

All the names of the judges of Comodoro Py were searched in the Migration bases during the government of Mauricio Macri. This is how, one by one, they were exempting themselves from intervening in the investigation. Days ago, the president of the Federal Chamber, Martin Irurzun, He sent the file to the courts in economic criminal matters for a judge to take charge. The court in which López Biscayart subrogates was bypassed, who said that despite having been spied on, he was in a position to take charge of the investigation. In addition, he argued that the Argentine State assumed international commitments that prevent the investigations from being eternal.

Without much explanation, Irurzun ordered that a new judge be bypassed. The chosen one was Catania, which has not yet made contact with the file and did not say whether it will accept it or not. López Biscayart and Catania are the two judges who intervened in the government’s complaint for el shipment of ammunition to Bolivia to support the forces that had carried out the coup in Bolivia. That investigation, after twists and turns, also ended up being in charge of Catania.

The cause for espionage in Migrations began with a self-report filed in April 2017 by the then directors of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) Gustavo Arribas and Silvia Majdalani, after the columnist of The nation published that the ex-SIDE followed multiple personalities, from Lionel Messi to the then chambermaid Eduardo Freiler, and that it made illegal telephone interceptions from one of its bases.

The investigation was held by Canicoba Corral until last year. The judge who replaced her court, María Eugenia Capuchetti, refused to intervene because her migration data had been monitored from the AFI itself. The case followed a similar course in other courts and finally the Federal Chamber had to send it to another jurisdiction. The curiosity is that Irurzun had to do it, who is excused in espionage causes because he was allegedly a victim of the actions of the spies known as Super Mario Bros.

While the Migration case continues to change courts, the Federal Chamber must decide whether to confirm or revoke the 38 prosecutions issued in February by the judge of Lomas de Zamora Juan Pablo Augé for the adventures of the Super Mario Bros and the espionage of former Kirchner officials and businessmen who were imprisoned. The decision is in the hands of the chambermaids Eduardo Farah, Mariano Llorens and Pablo Bertuzzi. Both Llorens and Bertuzzi have raffled in recent weeks a new round of challenges after The nation published that they were moving towards a statement that would leave the cause hanging by a thread and that they would support the hypothesis that the spies did not respond to directives from their superiors, but were “self-employed.”


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