Iron prices today.. Veto continues to publish iron prices as part of its daily and continuous follow-up of the price movement in the building materials market, all commodities and the rest of the other sectors that concern and occupy the interests of all Egyptians.

iron prices

Iron companies announced that their prices would be fixed during the month of June.

The iron building materials market is witnessing a noticeable fluctuation in the volume of demand in the market, as a result of the decline in the construction movement, especially in the projects of the people, which represent a large percentage of the volume of demand in the market, in addition to the increase in production rates in the market with the entry of new production lines for some iron and cement factories operating in the Egyptian market.

The price of a ton of scrap rose to 510 dollars, compared to a price ranging between 400 dollars and 410 dollars last April, and the price of a ton of pallet rose to 750 dollars, compared to 600 dollars during last April.

iron prices today

Iron ore prices have witnessed a rise in global stock exchanges due to several reasons, the first of which is the result of a significant increase in demand by some major countries such as China.

Billet and scrap are the two main inputs for the manufacture of rebar used in building and construction operations.

Egypt produces about 7.9 million tons of rebar, about 4.5 million tons of billets, while it imports 3.5 million tons of billets, according to data from the Chamber of Metallurgical Industries.

A number of major companies operate in the Egyptian market, including Ezz Steel, Egyptian Steel, Suez Steel, El Marakby, and others. The reinforcing steel industry is one of the strategic industries in the Egyptian market, and the production capacity used by the factories reaches between 20 and 30%; As a result of stagnation and an increase in inventory.

Iron and steel exports rose by 62% during the months of January and February to record 187 million dollars, compared to 116 million dollars during the same period last year.

The latest report of the Export Council for Building Materials, Refractories and Metal Industries stated that exports were made to about 49 countries, 11 of which were not exported during the same period last year, including (Estonia – New Zealand – Ecuador – Ivory Coast – Belize – Trinidad and Tobago – Ireland – Pakistan – Burundi – Benin – Singapore).

He pointed out that 5 countries acquired 84.4% of the total iron and steel exports, exported by Italy, which accounted for 30% of the total exports, with a value of 56.102 million dollars.

The average price of iron today for the consumer was recorded

* Iron Ezz 14600 pounds.

* Iron with tea 14500 pounds.

* Iron porter 14400 pounds.

* Hadid Attia 14,300 pounds.

Sarhan iron 14300 pounds.

* Egyptian iron 14500 pounds.

* Iron Marakebi 14,300 pounds.

* Komi iron 14300 pounds.

* Iron Maadi 14300 pounds.