Irish writer Sally Rooney has decided not to allow Israeli publishers to publish her latest book, Beautiful World, Where Are You, as a boycott of the state of Israel and in support of the Palestinian people.

Rooney’s two previous novels, Conversations with Friends (Talk about it among friends in Italian) and Normal People (Ordinary people) had been translated into Hebrew by the Israeli publishing house Modan, one of the most important in the country, which also wanted to translate the latest novel, released in September. Rooney, however, rejected Modan’s request and later explained his decision by saying that with his gesture he wants to support the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)” movement, a global campaign to boycott Israel.

“I understand that not everyone will agree with my decision,” Rooney said in a statement, “but I feel it would not be fair for me in the current circumstances to accept a new contract with an Israeli company that does not publicly distance itself from. apartheid against the Palestinians and which does not support the rights of the Palestinian people enshrined in the UN ”. Rooney added that the rights to the Hebrew translation of her new novel are still available and that if she finds a way to sell them without violating “the guidelines of the boycott of the BDS movement” she will be “very pleased and proud to do so.”

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