Irina Gorbacheva appeared in an unusual way

33-year-old actress Irina Gorbacheva published a series of unusual pictures on her Instagram.

In the photo, Gorbacheva appeared in the form of a long-haired blonde. The actress chose an unusual outfit for the photo shoot: instead of a top, she was wearing a plaster cast, repeating the shape of a woman’s breast.

Fans wrote in the comments a lot of compliments to Gorbacheva, they noted that the actress is in great shape, and also that long hair suits her.

“What a slender!”, “Queen! These muscles! ”,“ Irina, you are so beautiful! How does this hair color and hairstyle suit you, “wrote enthusiastic followers.

Usually the actress prefers short hair and natural hair color:

By the way, in August 2021 it became known that Irina Gorbacheva had married the ex-soloist of Quest Pistols.

In the gallery, admire the pictures of the actress:


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