Irina Baeva gives her opinion on the Russia-Ukraine conflict

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Among the news that have shocked the world This Thursday, February 24, is Russia’s attack on Ukraine According to the Ukrainian Minister of Health, Viktor Lyashko, a total of 57 people have been killed and 169 have been injured after the attacks ordered by Vladimir Putin.

In the face of this unfortunate warlike invasion, Irina Baeva was intervened by the “Gossip no Like” reporter at the airport upon arrival at “Los Premios Lo Nuestro” in Miami to give his opinion on what is happening in his country.

In the short interview, the melodrama actress who was accompanied by her husband, Gabriel Soto, revealed that her family, which lives in her native country, is safe and well.

Regarding political issues, it is a complicated situation, we all have an opinion on the matter, I think that at this time I prefer to keep mine“, commented the actress of Russian origin.

to which the drivers, Javier Cerani and Elisa Beristain interpreted that it was because the “Divided Love” actress was in favor of the president, Vladimir Putin.

“But what time, Elisa, are you going to have to go to “Premios Lon Nuestro”, to the carpet and this is the first reaction you give, now tonight everyone at Univisión is going to ask them,” Cerani commented to what his partner reacted: “Maybe it will do him like Christian Nodal who asked not to go out,” said Pepe Garza’s wife.



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