Ireen Sheer says “Goodbye Goodbye” with her new album!

Ireen Sheer says goodbye to the stage with her very last studio album, “Auf Wiedersehen-Goodbye” is her last work that she recorded as a farewell greeting for her fans.

Ireen Sheer recently announced her departure from the stage very emotionally with Florian Silbereisen on TV. Although she is slowly coming to the end of her withdrawal from the stage and will make one or two appearances this year. As a gift to her fans, so to speak, she has now released her very last album, it has become a studio album that shows the grand dame of Schlager at her best for the last time.

Ireen Sheer: “Goodbye Goodbye”

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With the first track on the new album, the song “Good Bye”, she says musically goodbye for the last time, but also means that you should go when it’s best, but can meet again at some point. In the “Story of my Life” Ireen Sheer sings about her own career and the darker sides, but also about the successes of her own career, including very well composed and produced music. The title of the song “Ab Jetzt ist Lived” says it all, an absolute party number to celebrate and dance along with, this number is fun and has the potential to be a hit. “We’ll get the time back” motivates to get active again and to enjoy life together, to love and to realize dreams. Memories of happy times leave beautiful pictures in your mind, “All pictures will remain” reminds you. The soul has bright colors with a maximum of a few scars, it can enjoy itself anew every day, because “A soul does not get gray” is what it sings and motivates with this song. Nobody can take away from us what we have already experienced is the content of the song “Mitten im Leben” – and that we can still experience a lot even at an advanced age. The title “Whenever I can dance” is a bit brisk, which is ideal for disco fox dancers who like to dance fast fox. You are “My perfect feeling” Ireen sings and makes a declaration of love for her loved one with the song. Ireen Sheer is 72 years old, sings “Who says that I can’t do it anymore” – and we have to absolutely agree with her, she still has it, so many young artists can buckle up. “Love that is so honest” is a song that comes along with modern beats and tells about trust, eternal and honest love. A title that women could definitely make their anthem, “Ladies Night” invites you to tick off and party. “Auf Wiedersehen-Goodbye” offers a total of 13 beautiful tracks, all of them are lively songs except for the last track on the album “Abschied ist wie ein neue Leben”, here she looks back on her long, successful song with a calm, soulful melody Career.

Ireen Sheer delivers another great album!

The grande dame of Schlager proves once again with the new album that she still has it and that she has rightly celebrated stage successes for decades. Many a young artist could learn a disc from the great artist, who always appears modest and yet convinces with great songs. Florian Silbereisen also appreciates this and has therefore already invited Ireen Sheer to the Schlagerchampions, where the charming Schlager singer will once again say “Goodbye goodbye”.

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