Mahmoud Mousavi Majd became the second person accused of espionage executed by Iran in the last week on Monday. This is an extractor who was pointed out as a collaborator of the United States and Israel in the follow-up of General Qassem Suleimani, leader of the Quds Force, the Revolutionary Guard’s external operations arm, who was assassinated in Baghdad in January in a US operation. “The sentence was executed so that the case of his treason towards his country is closed forever”, according to the official website of the Persian Justice, Mizan Online.

Majd was not an official member of the Guardians of the Revolution, but “infiltrated numerous sensitive areas with his translator coverage.” His family emigrated to Syria when he was a child and that is why he controlled Arabic perfectly – Iranians speak Farsi – and knew the geography of the country. He was arrested on October 10, 2018, so he did not have a direct role in the murder of Suleimani.

According to the statement issued by the Iranian courts, the convicted «Received dollars for revealing information about the advisers’ convoys, military equipment and communication systems, commanders and their movements, important geographic areas, codes and passwords »until it was detected.

CIA vs Mossad

This is an accusation similar to that made against Reza Asgari, an Iranian who worked for the Defense Ministry aerospace division, executed a week ago for “selling information” to the CIA and the Mossad in exchange for “significant sums of money.” A third person accused of espionage, Amir Rahimpur, remains on death row, in his case for “trying to provide information about the nuclear program.”

These executions take place in a few days marked by a series of explosions, one of them at the Natanz nuclear plant. The Islamic Republic investigates the causes, while some foreign intelligence services point to the authorship of Israel.