The Guardians of the Iranian Revolution have announced that they have seized a foreign tanker which, according to his version, is dedicated to fuel smuggling at Gulf.

The cistern ship, which transported a million liters of fuel, was seized on Sunday, July 14 south of the Iranian island of Lark, in the Strait of Ormuz.

The Iranian revolutionary guard has reported that he arrested the foreign tanker after he himself sent a distress signal for a technical failureThe Iranian foreign spokesman reported that, after coming to their aid, they found that he was transporting the irregular form.

The capture of this ship occurs in a context of tension between Iran Y USA Y UK. A week ago, there was an incident in the strait of Ormuz when Iranian coastal patrols prevented the passage to a British freighter.

On June 21, Trump He ordered bombing several military positions in the Persian country after the Iranian Army toppled an American drone, although he eventually backed off from possible retaliation by Tehran.

US President Donald Trump abandoned the 2015 nuclear agreement among the main World powers and Iran signed his predecessor, Barack Obama.


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